What’s New

New Menu Items!

Gluten Free Naked Chicken Wings
Cowboy Bites- Fried cheese balls filled with corn, bacon and jalapeno
Homestyle Baked Mac N Cheese w/ bread crumbs
Buffalo Finger Baked Mac N Cheese
Loaded Potato Skins with chives and sour cream
Toasted Ravioli w/marinara sauce on the side
The Southwest Burger Basket w/ fries
The Big Boss Burger Basket w/fries
Turkey Burger w/fries

  Healthy Lifestyle Diet Choices:
Steak & Spinach Dinner or Chicken & Spinach Dinner
Chicken & Broccoli Sautee dinner or Steak & Broccoli Sautee dinner
  The Beyond Burger Dinner with sweet potato fries and side salad

Now serving nice selection of house wines and Craft Beers